Musketeer Information Database

Greetings! Welcome to my Olympia information springboard. I've created
this for the Musketeer alliance (the best there is). But Non-Musketeers are
allowed to use it as well as I will make sure no sensative information will
be posted. For you Non-Musketeers that are looking for a good alliance to
join, please feel free to contact Lord Maltar or myself. Also, for the newer
players, feel free to contact any Musketeer for help. We try to lend a helping
where ever possible.

The Cities and Skills table - For all your learning needs

Enemies page - Enemies of the state

New player helpful hints section - Well, what I call helpful anyway

Recent battles and skirmishes - Freedom has it's price

Picture of the goofball known as Codric - Yep, someone finally caught him at his best

Codric's lovely bride...Lady E - A match made in heaven.

LotC members, please click here - A gift to my friends in the LotC.