Recent changes to my webpage

03-23-00 Updated pic on main page, updated helpful hints section.

03-06-00 Made minor updates to Star Craft page, added to humor page

03-05-00 Started Humor Page, updated links.

03-03-00 Added guestbook to main page.

02-03-00 Wow! Has work really kept me away that long? Anyway, added updated enemy list, made minor changes to the MID and added a pic of the lovely Lady E. Changed the enemy list to have it's own page launched from the MID page. Added the "gift" to the LotC. Made minor changes to the cities/skills table.

11-28-99 Updated/corrected information on the cities/skills table.

11-21-99 Alas! I have found what looks to be a good graphics converter program. Also replaced email link with .gif. Updated the Favorite links page - replaced horizonal rule with colorbar.gif. Also added first screen shot to Star Craft page.

11-20-99 Added to the Star craft page, search for a good graphics converter program continues.

11-16-99 Added WAY incomplete Star Craft page. Sill looking for good program to convert screenshots. Also modified Bio page.

11-15-99 Played with and got anchors to work finally on "Helpful Hints" page, organized "Glipster's Picks" as unordered list.

11-09-99 Added "Home" and "Previous Page" links and also started the helpful hints page. This is a work in progress.

11-08-99 Added the "Recent changes to my webpage" page and a "Links" page. Made an attempt to standardize all pages and clean up inconsistent coding. Moved the enemy noble list from the main index link, to a link from the Musketeer Information Database.