Star Craft Saga

TERRAN - My preferred race to play, I think Terrans have the best overall game value. Yeah yeah, I know. Damn Terrans. Favorite Tactic - get
five full groups of Wraiths and swamp the heck outta somebody...preferablly after dropping a couple nukes on 'em. hehehe.

PROTOSS - Can you say variety? These guys follows Terrans at a close second. Preferred Tactic - Group and a half of carriers follwed by two
or three Arbitrators and a couple little seeker guys. But who doesn't love a zealot rush?

ZERGS - Ahhhh, the dreaded Zerg. I've seen only a few players that truely excel at this race...they made me soil my pants. This is my weakest
race to play. When I do play them (which isn't ofter) I prefer the hydralisk wave. Roll them over by sheer numbers. A couple waves of Scourge
first sure couldn't hurt either.

Preferred maps - Green Valleys (modified), Island Hop, Big Game Hunter, Blood Bath and Winter Nightmare.

Online Buds - Grimlock, Vandil, Seeker_1, StarkReality and Trashman.
And I'm going to start a list of Losers or dorks that just shouldn't be allowed near a pc let alone play Star Craft.
There are so many others I have met on bnet, but here's the first to find his way to my list:

De@tH~KnIgHt666 - This guy just couldn't spouting crap during the game about how good he is. He was wiped by the comp in less than 15 minutes.
SycoticDam...Hello! I'm surprised this guy was able to figure out how to open the box.

At the other end of the spectrum are the good players that deserve recognition. here again is the first one to find his way to my list.

Rockmouse-SKY - It was a pleasure gaming with you.
AzureDrako - This guy rocked
$uper_m@n - Thanks for the help, good game!

How many ways can you kill a zerg?

This page is still very much under construction, more to come shortly.